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Finding The Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Decision to do rhinoplasty is an important step, as you trust your face to another person. This person being a real professional is crucial for the procedure’s success. That’s why it’s important to find a good surgeon, who will understand your needs and requirements and make you even more beautiful.


If you’re not new to surgery, your search for a doctor may be limited by just looking at referrals from other clients or asking your main surgeon for advice, but if you do it for the first time, some additional research is necessary.

Here are some recommendations on searching for the best plastic surgeon NYC:

  • Conduct some online research.

Don’t underestimate the Internet. There are tons of clinics’ reviews and operation descriptions from many people, so you can create a list of specialists according to these posts or ask any person for additional information.

  • Make sure the specialist has credentials.

Credentials are very important if you want to get a good result. Make sure the surgeon has a Board Certificate in Otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat surgery) or Plastic Surgery. It’s important, because realizing the aesthetic side of such an operation isn’t enough. The functional side is also very important, but not all “specialists” have enough training in the latter, unfortunately.

  • Look at “before and after” results of the surgeon works.

Don’t hesitate to ask for those, no professional will hide their works from a potential client. Most certified surgeons have a portfolio with the information and images from previously done operations. If you hesitate to ask the doctor directly, find the official website of the clinic and look at the results gallery, if there is one.check

  • Find a specialist in nasal surgery.

Many people choose plastic surgeons not realizing that not all of them specialize in nasal surgery. This point is essential, as you only can get the best result if the doctor has enough knowledge and training. If the surgeon doesn’t do rhinoplasty on a daily basis, he might have little experience in this particular field.

  • Ask for a simulated result of your operation.

If you decide to visit one particular surgeon for consultation, make sure he or she shows you a simulated result of the operation. It’s usually done on a computer, using special morphing soft. A good doctor has to analyze your pre-operational photo quickly to see what your nose will look like after a cosmetic surgery.

  • Trust your intuition.

This may look like a weird recommendation, but it works in most cases. If you narrowed the list of specialists a bit and went to a couple of consultations, recall a particular surgeon you liked the best. Usually, this is the doctor you should visit once more and trust him your face.

By paying attention to these points you will find a great specialist and get equally great results from the best rhinoplasty NYC. You should also remember that it’s important to know what you want to do with your nose. A good specialist will do his best to make it so or tell you why any modification is impossible or why would it imbalance your face.